full mouth dental implants milwaukee

How Full Mouth Dental Implants Process Begins

full mouth dental implants milwaukee

First of all comes the preparation. It is rather extensive. And of course, full mouth dental implants milwaukee procedures, there’s actually several, are quite extensive as well. Two important preparation tasks will be the full dental exam and a thorough review of the patient’s history. After that, the presiding dentist will start putting together a treatment plan. And it’s very important that he inform the patient of what she can expect from the entire process.

This is how extensive the planning process is. It could include a number of specialists. These are the specialists that could be roped into the planning process. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon specializes in conditions of the face, jaw and mouth. On occasion, an ear, nose and throat specialist could be asked to participate in the process. Otherwise, it is usual to expect a periodontist and prosthodontist to participate.

The periodontist specializes in treating structures that need to support the teeth. These are your gums and bones. And the prosthodontist is a specialist dentist who designs and fits the full mouth dental implants. The full pre-treatment begins with the dental exam. Here, dental X-rays and 3D impressions will be taken. It is from these impressions that models of the teeth and jaw will be made.

In reviewing medical history, the patient is obliged to provide full disclosure. The presiding dentist does need to know about any underlying conditions as well as prescribed or over the counter medications the patient may be taking. In the event of the patient having a heart condition, it is possible that the operating dentist will prescribe antibiotics prior to surgery in order to stave off infection.

Thereafter a treatment plan will be drawn up during which several dental implant options will be considered.

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