Booklet Basics For Your Bright Business

No matter what type of business you have, there’s no doubt it can benefit from a printed booklet.

A booklet is just that, a smaller version of a book, so it’s not too much work from your customers to be able to read. A booklet is convenient, functional, and easy to make.

You can make booklets and pamphlets yourself, use a marketing service to design one for you, or even an old fashioned printing business. Booklet printing is simple, but it’s a forgotten art. Bring back this art for the success of your business. These are the 5 things you never knew you could use a booklet for.

·    Training manuals: Unless you like reminding your employees what to do over and over, invest in printing a training manual instead. Training manuals are handy for employees to have at all times to reference company policies, basic work functions/ applications, etc.

·    Catalogues: This form of booklet printing will likely never die, because who doesn’t love a good catalogue? Holding a catalogue is the next best thing to holding the actual product. Especially during the holiday season, everyone loves catalogues. Show off everything your business has to offer in a catalogue.

·    Programs: The arts also could not live without a little booklet printing- well a lot of it. Programs for theaters, musicals, etc. offer a great souvenir for attendees, as well as an organized schedule of what to expect.

Booklet printing

·    Coloring books: Remember that adult coloring book fad from not too long ago? Yes, it’s still a thing. For as long as coloring exists, so will booklet printing. Businesses that specialize in making activity books need booklet printing, but other businesses can also offer these fun activities to promote their business and for other marketing tools.

·    Magazine: A booklet is nothing more than a glorified magazine, and you don’t have to be a magazine company to use them.